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Ring7 FastTrack connects global content producers, distributors and broadcasters with their targets in China.

The Chinese government has recently issued regulations restricting the use of unauthorized software and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to circumvent their Great Firewall. Organizations and individuals must use government-approved VPNs or they need to apply for a leased line VPN license with the Chinese government and provide usage records.

Ring7 offers a fully authorized service for delivery of video content in and out of China. Advanced Content Distribution Network (CDN) technology from industry leader VideoShip provides for secure end-to-end connectivity between global Internet users and those within China.

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Authorization of content and high bandwidth in-country connectivity is provided by CNLive, one of the largest media distribution entities in China and one of the few licensed by the Government to provide this kind of serviceFor speed and simplicity, Ring7 offers the best option available to securely and send video files to and from mainland China with no firewall slowness or access denial.

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