About Ring7 FasTTrack

VideoShip’s CDN technology ensures end-to-end: security (in motion and at rest), file acceleration for bandwidth efficiency – globally and within China - delivery of video in the format of choice, long-term archive storage and retrieval, and a genuine reliability enforced by dual site redundancy and file back-ups.

Our partnership with CNLive - a hybrid state and privately owned media operator in Beijing - has allowed us to offer an end-to-end service that bypasses all of the problems caused by the Great Firewall for the global community of content distribution.

CNLive, in addition to having a content approval license and providing the resources required to certify that the content is acceptable to State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT) standards, also has direct connectivity to all three primary Internet Service Providers in China. To anyone familiar with content delivery services in China, this is of paramount importance due to the obstacles in interconnectivity between the three major ISPs.

We have fast delivery to/from China by going directly in. Without relying on proxy locations in neighbouring countries outside of China that many consider "close enough", we can guarantee a faster service that does not circumvent any Chinese internet or media regulations.


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